Rebecca Rojas


"We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone". -Ronald Reagan

Being born the oldest out of four, I have always wanted the best for my siblings even if that meant sacrificing something of mine. I believe in helping others every single day in any way you can. Many people see this as “extra” time they don’t have or money they don’t have. But really, they are so wrong. For instance, try opening the door for someone, smiling, picking something up, or sometimes it’s as easy as just listening. My mother, Candace Rojas, founder of Starz Foundation has taught me since birth the importance of helping the community through your strengths and passions. Ever since

then I was put to work for various local charities/nonprofit organizations at a very young age.  

 As I begin my junior year at Florida Atlantic University at 18 years old, my goal is to make a difference in our

South Florida community through education and mentorship. Currently, I am majoring in Business Marketing and have hopes to enter into the Real Estate world in the near future. I believe taking the time to hear what people say can sometimes be one of the hardest skills for people. Every day I try to learn something new about life, business, fitness, health, and people. With the right people & attitudes, amazing things can happen!

Together we shine, 



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